Anjuman-I-Islam Public School & Jr.College

Students seeking admission in the school are required to fulfill the following conditions

  1. The student must produce the school leaving certificate of the previous school attended by him / her with his / her correct date of birth (i.e. Day, Month & Year) at the time of admission. The student should also submit attested / Xerox copy of his / her Birth Certificate and Aadhar card.
  2. The student must know English as it is the medium of instruction in the school.
  3. The student should know Hindi & at least one of the following languages: (1) Urdu or (2) Hindi 3) Marathi or 4) Gujarati.
  4. A foreign student should have an Indian guardian who should take responsibility, in correspondence, paying the fees in case it is not received from the student’s country and also send the child back to his / her country when he /she goes during holidays / leave. The local guardian must be a person who pays income tax. At the time of admission, the local guardian must be present and must be an income tax payer and is able to produce income‐tax certificate.
  5. Foreign students must possess a valid Student’s Visa or Entry Visa.
  6. Students with Tourists Visa will not be permitted at any cost.
  7. The local guardian of a foreign student in India must sign the following at the time of admission:
    (A) Financial guarantee bond on Rs 100/ stamp-paper.
    (B) Local Guardianship form
  8. Students having no knowledge of English, Hindi, Urdu Or Marathi may also be admitted provided they pay Rs.10,000/- per year extra for getting very intensive coaching in the above mentioned languages.

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