Anjuman-I-Islam Public School & Jr.College

1) Your co-operation is expected: Parents/guardians are requested to co‐operate with the school in maintaining discipline, integrity and good behaviour by their wards in keeping with the traditions of our school.

This is possible if the parents / guardians: Acknowledge the school circulars, reading progress reports carefully and attending PTA meetings and meet teachers / Headmaster / Director as and when requested promptly

Do not ask for leave or absence for their ward during the academic session as this causes loss of study time and disturbs time schedule of study curriculum adversely affecting their academic performance. Also, please seek Director’s permission before handing out any food items to students.

2) Our training: In our residential school, all boys and girls are given uniform treatment and no special concessions are permissible. The training is an integrated whole and everyone is required to study, play and use his / her leisure time as laid down in the routine throughout their stay here. This applies particularly in matters of dress & department. Students are NOT allowed to bring fancy & expensive clothes and electronic gadgets /items, mobile phones etc. Cash money is not allowed to be kept with students.

3) Leaves: Parents should ensure that the students report back to school on the first day after vacations duly escorted by parents / guardians, failing which, a fine of Rs 500/ per day will be imposed. Genuine cases may be considered if intimated to the Principal well in advance. No student shall remain absent from school without the permission of the Principal.

If any student is absent from school, leave application must be submitted to the Principal. If absence due to illness lasts more than a day, the application of leave must be accompanied by a medical certificate issued by a registered doctor. Any other urgent leave should be with prior permission from the Principal. Parents are advised to consider school calendar before planning their family ceremonies so as not to ask for leave. The Principal reserves the right to refuse leave of absence for festivals, wedding & other ceremonies at home, if it interferes with the student’s work in school or hampers school discipline.

4) Parent’s visits and Withdrawals: Parents must not visit their wards in the boarding very often. Parents can visit their wards on last Sunday of every month. They can communicate with their wards over the phone nos. of the dorms. All notices of withdrawal should be given 2 months in advance. No transfer certificate is issued until all dues to the School are paid.

5) Fees: Not more than two installments are allowed to pay the school fees. First installment must be paid at the time of admission. Second installment must be cleared before Winter exeat. No fee is refundable in any case.

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