Prayer Hall (Masjid):

Call for prayers (Adhaan) is given five times a day in the prayer hall and all Muslim students are expected to offer Salah. Basic Islamic education and recitation of Qur’an is emphasized on.



Catering: Careful supervision of the kitchen is maintained throughout so as to provide boarders with well-balanced, wholesome, vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals on time as per the approved Menu. Our renovated Dining Hall has a capacity of 300 diners. Cleanliness & Hygiene is of considered of utmost importance.



Every class has a dedicated projector and A/V set-up for enhanced and interactive learning experience. Teachers have an access to pre-designed and open source and self-developed library of e-material for increased productivity.



Well Ventilated Dormitories: All the dormitories have undergone a complete renovation. Drom design maintains a delicate balance between home and school to ensure your child feel safe, happy and welcome.




Sports & Games: We have the largest sports ground in the town known as ‘Akbar Peerbhoy Sports Stadium’, where we help students to develop confidence in their own physical ability. The school provides facilities for coaching boys and girls in cricket, football, hockey, volleyball and athletics, etc. Gymnastics, Yoga, Karate, Thai-Boxing, Archery, Horse Riding is also a relevant part of the sports activities.



To help children build healthy and good physique, well-equipped gymnasium plays a vital role in build muscles and developing strong bones. Riding and Skating have now been recently introduced much to the delight of the students.



Multipurpose Hall: AP Hall is well-equipped for stage activities, large gatherings and assemblies even in the rainy season. Trained and experienced co-co-ordinators, supervises and guides these activities fostering interpersonal skills, making them ready for the open world’s competitive atmosphere.



Library: Teachers and Students have access to rich collection of books and meet their educational, informative and recreational needs. Library has stock of 20,000 books of fiction, non-fiction, reference books, literature, biographies, General knowledge, Fables and Folktales, Science, Encyclopedia, Dictionaries, Magazine, Comics in English, Urdu, Hindi & Marathi.



Sick Bay/Infirmary:

A well trained and experienced nurse is available 24×7 in the school campus. Doctor visits the school on alternate days for medical check-up. Sick bay has the facility to keep 25 in-house patients.



Learning Support (Coaching Classes)

Specially trained teachers & facilitators are appointed to provide intensive & appropriate coaching to students from the vernacular medium who face difficulty in coping with English language as well as for students who are slow learners.